Dining and Cabinet Buying Guide from Forrest FurnishingWhen it comes to buying dining and cabinet furniture, at Forrest Furnishing we understand how confusing it can be to understand the different types of finishes available on our wide selection of cabinet furniture. To help you choose we have put together this buying guide explaining the main types of finish available.

The range of finishes available on most cabinet furniture has increased greatly over the years, with manufacturers taking advantage of ever-changing manufacturing processes.

Ranges are usually referred to as being produced in one of four main ways: Solid wood, Veneered wood, Foil finishes and Glass, stone or marble finishes.

Solid Wood
As the term implies, solid wood ranges are made from solid timber sourced from sustainable forests. Typically, solid wood ranges would be made of oak, ash, pine or tropical woods such as acacia. Because wood is a natural product, pieces within a range may differ in terms of how visible the grain is on each piece. Solid wood furniture also requires more care in the home.

Veneered Wood
Where wood is simply too expensive or unsuitable to use in solid form, such as curved furniture, it is very often used as a veneer. A veneer is made by cutting solid timber into thin layers, which are then bonded to other products, such as MDF or HDF. Using veneers offers the luxury and beauty of more exotic woods at a more practical price, whilst retaining the look of solid furniture. Generally veneers are used on panels of furniture, whereas load-bearing parts are solid.

Foil Finishes
In order to present finishes which are uniform and that can be provided at lower cost, manufacturers will sometimes use what is known as a foil finish. Using printed wood grain patterns, a paper-thin foil is bonded to a manmade substance such as MDF and then assembled as if it were real wood. Furniture featuring this foil effect is normally priced at the lower end of the spectrum, but can offer the beauty of real wood at a fraction of the cost. This type of finish is easier to maintain in your home

Stone, Glass & Marble Finishes
In addition to wood or wood effect finish, we offer several ranges that feature glass, stone or marble finishes, as well as ranges that use marble, glass and stone inlays. These finishes can offer a refreshingly different look, lending themselves to modern and contemporary styling.

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