Waste management
We aim to recycle nearly all of our cardboard and paper waste through a company-wide initiative that includes the collection of office waste and the shredding of cardboard to be reused as packaging. And we use boxes which are 100% recycled for all orders placed over the internet. We also recycle the majority of polythene waste and are looking for ways to process polystyrene.

Furniture is imported by sea instead of air to reduce its carbon footprint. Where possible, containers arrive at the most local ports to keep the distance they have to travel by road to a minimum. Deliveries are carefully planned to reduce road miles and drivers are fully trained in fuel-efficient driving. We are also investigating the introduction of a bio fuel additive to our fleet of vehicles to cut CO2 emissions.

Energy efficiency
We are currently introducing low wattage lamps in our biggest showrooms, cutting the consumption of new bulbs by almost 400%. This initiative will be expanded to include all stores, offices and distribution centres in the future. We’ve implemented a policy of constantly monitoring heating timers and thermostats and all new buildings are constructed to maximize energy efficiency and reduce heat loss.

Staff education
On-going education of all members of staff ensures that our extensive environmental policies are implemented at every level of our organisation. All employees are well aware of the roll they can play in helping us achieve our environmental goals and are encouraged to find new ways to make our business even greener.

Environmental legislation
We aim to comply with, and where possible, exceed all relevant environmental legislation. We’re currently affiliated with the Scottish Environmental Agency, which means that our green credentials surpass their environmental requirements.

Trusted suppliers
Whenever possible, we make sure our furniture comes from suppliers who are aware of the impact their business has on the environment. We always promote responsible forestry management and some of our most popular ranges are made from recycled wood.

Constant monitoring
It’s extremely important to have firm environmental goals. But it’s even more important to meet them. Which is why we’re always monitoring and reviewing progress to ensure we meet targets.

Continual improvements
We are firmly committed to constantly improving our environmental performance. So our environmental policy is always being adapted as new recycling methods are developed, more efficient delivery vehicles are designed, manufacturing processes are improved and alternative energy sources come on line.