Gemma Fabric Sofa Collection by G Plan Upholstery

G Plan Upholstery - Great and BritishAll the wonderful comfort and support of its sister leather sofa, now available in a stunning range of beautiful fabrics and hardwearing finishes. Want to make a real statement? Why not mix and match both leather and fabric pieces to create your own unique style?

G Plan Upholstery take great pride in their work. Every sofa or chair they produce is carefully constructed in Britain and carries the personal signature of the upholsterer who handcrafted it. From design to production, The planning is equally meticulous. G Plan'xs craftsmen are highly skilled in their field. However, it'xs not just the right pair of hands that make the upholstery so unique - They also source the very best raw materials from around the world.

Every G Plan sofa is designed from the inside out to ensure it stands the test of time. They use responsibly sourced hardwood in all load-bearing areas for superior strength, and 9 gauge D arc serpentine springs for durability. Each spring is precisely spaced for maximum support and then generously enveloped in premium fillings to give optimum comfort. When it comes to locating fabrics and leathers for their sofas, they go to great lengths to source the highest quality materials. G Plan Upholstery choose fabrics for their 'xhandle'x - or softness to touch - and test them to ensure they remain at their best over many years of use.
Gemma Fabric Sofa Collection By G Plan Upholstery
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