Founded in Eupen, the heart of Belgium in 1961, ROM has always strived to meet the demands of a dynamic and fast-changing market. Continuously modernized by styles and trends, ROM has been embracing new technologies and adapting to its customers’ needs and individuals tastes from the start. ROM has a very unique approach to designing sofas, Combining form and function to create genuinely custom, made-to-measure sofas that are built to customer’s exact specifications. To help you create the perfect sized sofa suited to your space.

All ROM sofas are customised and available in width increments of 20cm. Combined with a vast collection of fabrics and leathers with endless configuration options, the 20cm concept enables ROM to build truly individual sofas that adapt effortlessly to you and your lifestyle.

For all you need to know about our 20cm configuring system and how your sofa vision will be made into a reality, take a look at our helpful video.


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Colorado BB190 Sofa

Colorado BB190 Sofa (This sofa is available to view at our showroom in grey)
Featuring modern lines and contemporary edges,…

Colorado BB220 Sofa with Headrest

Colorado BB220 Sofa with electric Headrest and recliner
Featuring modern lines and contemporary edges, the luxury Colorado perfectly combines comfort,…

Paradiso 3 Seat Sofa

Paradiso 3 Seat Sofa (This sofa is available to view at our showroom in blue)
Our most flexible and revolutionary range,…

Cadini BT240 Corner Sofa

Cadini BT240 Corner Sofa
The ideal sofa choice for the modern home, the luxury Cadini sofa delivers an extra level of…

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